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Welcome to our website,  we trust you will find all that you are seeking 

We are a Spiritualist Church. Spiritualism is a recognised religion within the UK. for greater detail of Spiritualism we would suggest you visit our parent organisation page;

We welcome everyone to our services, they are designed to uplift and, yes, enjoy.  But we are not entertainment of any kind, we are a serious religion which is based on: 

The Seven Principles of Spiritualism:

          1.     The Fatherhood of God
          2.      The Brotherhood of Man
          3.      The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels
          4.      The Continuous existence of the human soul
          5.      Personal Responsibility
          6.      Compensation and retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on earth.
          7.      Eternal progress open to every human soul.

 Our Social events should speak for themselves.

Within our beliefs we consider the ability to communicate with spirit, or as we say, those who have passed to the next life, is a gift given to many.  Entry into that life is assured,  it is not conditional in any way, it's as certain as the sun rising in the morning.  

But we are more than that; we prove that the spirit survives physical death, at each of our services, all of which contain elements of mediumship. That is where a medium demonstrates the ability to connect with those who are in spirit and who want to speak to us for whatever reason. It is not possible to call up spirits, that has absolutely nothing to do with Spiritualism, nor has foretelling the future.

In December each year we have a special service -The Festival of Light, a celebration of the winter solstice, Spiritualists do not celebrate Christmas, that is a Christian festival and, of course, we are not Christians.  We do believe in the power and energy of nature, and this festival, or special service, is to allow all people of any faith or belief to join us in celebrating the return of the sun, and to look forward to the longer and warmer days of the new year. The event is a service of song and readings, as well as a period of quiet meditation or contemplation.

Additionally, our Saturday coffee mornings are designed to give each member of the public the opportunity of speaking to a medium who can demonstrate survival, or a Minister of the Spiritualists National Union, who has been specially trained to provide support and guidance in all matters spiritual, and emotional.