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Development of Self

We are often asked how as individuals we can develop our individual spirituality. how to improve our quality of life, how to improve our awareness of this physical life or in short how to enjoy this life more!

The first step is easy!! you have already done that by visiting this site!!

We run a number or groups or circles as we like to call them.

The first step is the beginners group that meets every Thursday evening at 8.30 p.m.  The leader  of the circle is an experienced medium who has the skills and ability to take you from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be.  But the first step is to learn to understand where you are as an individual!! But we stress no one is a beginner, we all have skills, the object of the group is to firstly make you aware of those skills and secondly develop those skills.  We never judge, or direct, we simply allow you to develop in whatever direction you want to go in. That may be with this group for some time or you may move on to one of the more advanced groups we run.

But it is so important that you are given the opportunity to take the first step. so come along to our Church. You do not have to have any beliefs or you may have strong individual beliefs. We really do not mind in any way what your individual beliefs are. It makes no difference to us. We are not an evangelical organisation in any way, we will never try to convert you from your own beliefs, they are your individual pathway, we will however ask you to challenge those beliefs for no other reason than to assist you in understanding those beliefs.  For we believe unless you know where you are in a spiritual sense it is very difficult to fully appreciate this physical life.