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What's going on?

What else is going on at the church?

Well, every Thursday between 1p.m.and 3.30pm you can join us for our craft afternoon. (TEMPORARILY CLOSED)

Our prime objective is to help as many people as possible. so we are working with a number of charities in the area.

We all want to do our part, but how?  Knitting is one answer!

So please come along with your needles, or crochet hooks, join a great social atmosphere, and play your part, because every part contributes to the whole.

If you do not knit, no matter, come along anyway and enjoy the wonderful social atmosphere.

We look forward to seeing you.


The annual membership fee is £17

We welcome new applications, too. Membership is open to everyone. If you are interested in becoming a Spiritualist read our leaflet for full details, or contact any committee member for more information.