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SPEAKERS LIST (subject to change without notice)

Wednesday ALTERNATIVE evening with Kim John Webb 1st 7.15pm
Sunday evening service with Patricia Hall 5th 6.30pm
Wednesday evening service with Sue and Richard Hayes 8th 7.15pm
Sunday evening service with Jim Dimitri 12th 6.30pm
Wednesday ALTERNATIVE evening with Laura Langrell  15th 7.15pm
Sunday evening service with Ron Linsley 19th 6.30pm
Wednesday evening service with Judith Rogers 22nd 7.30pm

Sunday 26th Service with Jill Pickett 6.30 p.m.

Wednesday 29th Alternative Service with S Rose and S Giss at 7.15p.m.

December 2017

Sunday evening service with Leslie A Lynton 3rd 6.30pm
Wednesday evening service with Georgina Willson 6th 7.30pm
Sunday evening service with Jim and Julie Grist 10th 6.30pm
Wednesday ALTERNATIVE evening with Darren Orlowski 13th 7.15pm
Sunday evening FESTIVAL of LIGHT 17th 6.30pm
Wednesday evening service with Minister Alan Baker 20th 7.30pm
Sunday evening CHURCH CLOSED 24th  
Wednesday ALTERNATIVE evening with Magenta Catz 27th 7.15pm
Sunday evening CHURCH CLOSED 31st  


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