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Part of the religion of Spiritualism is philosophy     (the study of the theoretical basis of a particular branch of knowledge or experience), and it is here that we will post our thoughts as a basis for your discussion or contemplation. Please read the articles, but don't take our word as the truth - think about it - find your truth.

Where were you on Wednesday evening? If you weren't at our Alternative Evening, you missed out on another lively, meaningful discussion. You ask the questions, and our guest speaker will get the ball rolling – everyone can take part, so you get the answers you have been seeking. See our Speakers page for dates and details.


The third Alternative evening of the year, 7 February, was lead by Kim John Webb, our guest speaker from Southampton.

The session opened with a discussion around our First Principle, The Fatherhood of God. Who is God? What does He – or She – mean to you? Many Spiritualists were brought up in faiths, or belief systems other than the religion they now follow. This means that their initial view of what God means for them may have changed. Their 'previous God' may have been an old man looking down from the sky, surrounded by angels, and dishing out vengeance and forgiveness in equal doses. Access to this God would have been filtered through, prophets or may be a son. Direct access was not encouraged. Others may have had The Great Spirit, the pervading power of nature, as their creative force. Whichever religion they followed, their God or gods were defined for them.

As Spiritualists, we are more comfortable with our God, for we can visualise a form that fits with our own view, with our understanding of the universal creative force – and we don't have our contact with that force filtered, we can go direct to the source. Of course, their 'previous God' is really the same as their 'current God' – because whichever religion they are following, the creative force is the same.

What does your God look like?

The discussion flowed on. The Big Bang Theory, the creative / destructive power of stellar super novas, alien life, Star Trek /Wars, ethnic diversity, dragons, unicorns, the subjects rolled in to each other.

Good or evil? Can a person be born in to this life with an evil personality, or is a person's goodness, or badness, a result of their life experience and environment? This subject is topical, as the 1993 murder of two year old James Bulger is being reviewed on television. This debate ended with neither side agreeing – perhaps a longer discussion is needed. Peace, as always, was restored with a cup of tea.

Is every baby born innocent and pure, sullied only by their experience? What do you think?



The speaker for last Wednesday's Alternative Evening (24/01/2018) was Marilyn Webb, and she led a discussion about Spiritualism being an honest and simple religion, and development is a simple and honest process. We will continue with her topic ...

'You can only communicate with those beyond the veil if you are the seventh son, of a seventh son.' Or so some would say. Others would say that the whole thing is all nonsense.

But we are Spiritualists, and we know different.

There is nothing secret, no hidden agenda, in our religion. Our fourth principle is, 'The continuous existence of the human soul' – our spirit continues after the death of our physical body; and our seventh principle states, 'Eternal progress is open to every human soul' – that we all can advance in wisdom and love.

We all have the ability to contact spirit; to some it comes easier than others, but if you truly have the desire you can develop the skills.

How have you developed? Are you getting support from your friends and family, or are they discouraging, belittling your efforts? Are you achieving the success you are hoping for?

The only way to get answers is to ask. Ask at our church, we will find an answer for you. Ask yourself, sit quietly and you will get an answer. Ask for spirit help, wait and be open for answer – it may not be as words whispered in your mind, but a synchronous event that will bring a 'light bulb' moment. Results are proportional to effort. The more pure your approach, and practice, the better the results. By attending a development circle with skilled leaders you will find out about yourself, where you are on your spiritual journey, and who is the real you. This, in turn, will light your way.

You are not alone in your quest, we are all progressing – just at different speeds. Remember, don't worry about the final destination – enjoy the journey.



On Wednesday 10 January, we held our first Alternative evening of 2018. The guest speaker was Bill Roberts.

Bill's subject for the evening's discussion was Love. Not just the close family love we are all aware of, and hopefully that we share, but the unconditional, universal love that is a whole lot more difficult to understand, and to give.

Love can conquer all. We've all heard that, it's all very romantic, but is it true?

I suppose we'd have to define Love. The dictionary says, 'a strong feeling of affection'. Not very enlightening, but I think the relevant part is 'affection'.

Showing affection to family is not a problem. Normally we are kind, helpful, considerate, all the usual 'loving' things that we do every day.

But what about the person sat next to you on the bus, the person stood next to you in the supermarket? How do you love these people? A smile, a nod, reaching a can from the high shelf, waiting for them to go first, holding a door.

The beggar in the High Street, what about him? Throw a few pence in his hat, or how about fetching a coffee and sandwich from MacDonalds? A bit more difficult showing this love-thing to this dirty, smelly, sad person. Could you manage a smile?

Driving home, a man in a Range Rover cuts across you in traffic, you toot your horn, he flips you the bird. How do you love this guy? Hmm. Difficult.

Or the person who hits your wife, rapes your daughter, murders your mother, bombs your country? Darned near impossible to love these people, surely?

As Spiritualists, we strive to give unconditional love, other religions do, too. It is not easy. Our society does not really incorporate love on that level. We avoid looking at strangers in the bus queue, we don't make eye contact with the Big Issue seller, we feel uncomfortable if a passer-by smiles at us. We hate the drivers who cut us up, the aggressive, the criminal, the monster.

Spiritualists consider love to be an energy, like all thoughts. So, one way to send love is as a simple thought. It is not difficult. That smile you give so freely is a thought put into action is it not? That eye contact is another thought put into action. If we think of love, that is all we have to do, the rest follows naturally.

Bill's desire for global love (not the hippy, free love) is great, and as humans, it is an ideal we should aim for, to try and spread a little love as we go about our lives. As he says, you can send out loving thoughts, even if the people don't think they want them. They'll never know – but you will.

Let love be a habit. You may never perfect it, but trying is good.



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